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Re: Offer of Aid concerning the Awards on Line idea

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> >On the downside, people who are not email connected might feel left out
> >and letters from that portion of the populace could dwindle. I would
> >further suggest that such an awards form be published each month in the
> >Acorn as well. That might even increase the number of recommendations
> >coming in.
> >
> >In service,
> >Corun
> Your Excellency,
> Having a form for awards will depersonalized the award system. I feel if you
> can't write a letter explaining why a person deserves a certain award you
> should not be making award recommendations. 

Why should this be so terribly different from writing an email letter? 
After all, the words describing this person's work will be your own.

Also the more times you give an
> award out the more worthless that award gets. Creating such a form would
> lead to more awards, which in my opinion is a bad thing. 

Not so sure I agree on that score- if you give out the award a lot to
people who deserve it, why should that lower its worth?  Now if you gave
it out to worthless sycophants, jades, and cheats that would be another

By the current
> recommendation system people who really deserve awards will get them,

I perceive you are an optimist, my Lord.  I would not say this is a
given.  I would say this oft happens.

> also they are the ones who truely have made a difference in the society
> because someone has noticed their deeds, and took the time to write a letter.
> Regards,
> Tristan ap Syrddin of Ellesmere
> O.K.A. Myrddin of Marinus(yes I will be watching the merlin movie:)

Or has gone right up to the royalty and asked....  ;)

Stealth Baroness
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