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Photos of "For Love & Honor"

Poster: James & Melody Mahanna <jmmahanna@worldnet.att.net>

Greetings Gentles, 
	I have a request to those of you who were in attendance at 
"For Love & Honor", in Martinez (Augusta), GA. Many were taking photos
throughout the day, and one or more of you may have taken a shot of a 
trio of new gentles, from our local shire, Dan & Kay Hill, and Kurt
	Unfortunately Dan passed away last week. His lady asked of me to
find, if at all possible a copy of the photo taken of the the three of
them, as it was the first event. I will describe them, They were  a
lady and 2 gentlemen.  (someone stopped them , and said "can I take
picture ?")
The lady (Kay) was petite with short blond hair, and glasses, the
younger of the gentlemen (Kurt), was about 6'2" -4" of medium build,
dark brown to black hair and wore a mustache , and goatee.
Dan, was of comparable height to Kurt, stocky build, wore glasses, and
had salt-&-pepper hair. The most distinguishing characteristic, is
that Dan carried a long thin type of Guitar, which he loaned to a
lady  at
 the bardic circle that night. 

 Please gentles, look through those pictures you took, I will gladly
for reprints. If you have access to a scanner, scan it in and email it 
to me.  (jmmahanna@worldnet.att.net , jrm3@usa.net) ( I use Adobe
Photoshop 4) Dan was good friend, and I would truly like to be able to
fulfill his lady's request.    

Thank you for your time.
In service, 

PS. if you know any gentles who attended, and do not have net access,
please let them know of this. 
Taliesin Goch & Morwenna De Malyns
Mka: James & Melody Mahanna	
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