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The Awards form

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Greetings one and all,

Thanks to all who responded to my queries about the various awards. I can
now complete the first draft of the form and send it to Their Majesties
and Rabah for approval.

Kevin - I will send you a copy of the approved form, since it wouldn't
make much sense to send you one that wasn't approved. You might, if you
haven't already done so, go to the Northshield site and see how they've
got theirs set up.

Lady Triton - I will indeed include Court Baron/esses and GoAs.

Duke Logan - Thank you for your input (and your gentle reminder that if
one sees a thing that needs doing and points it out, then they just
volunteered to do it. You only have to hit me with that clue-by-four
once. <g>).

Lastly, to anyone who has any input in "How Things Are", clearly there is
some question about how often the QOC can or should be given out. As I
mentioned I got my information from the Atlantian web site from an article
that was published in TI in 1996. In that article it states that the QOC,
while not armigerous nor a polling Order, is considered an Order and as
such a person may only be inducted into it once. I suspect, though it does
not say this, that once inducted it is a lifetime membership, just like
the Orders of Merit.

I do not have a Red Tape handy (it's at home and I'm not), so I can't
see if there is a reference to this. Perhaps the Clerk of Law might
clarify this for us, and if a change needs to be made to the web page,
then it should be done with despatch so as not to confuse anyone else.
And if it turns out that what is stated in the article is actually the
"Way of Things", well, I'm not one to attempt to correct Queens and
Princesses, and will leave that up to the Royal Peers (like Her Grace,
Duchess Arielle, who is even now likely plotting revenge against me
for dragging her into this, and if I see a herd of skunks coming over
the hill, I'm outta here <g>).

In service,

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