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Awards and all

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     To the Merry Rose Discussion Group, 
     From Duchess Caterina de Forza d'Agro, OL,OP,LR,CP,CGD,AOA (for
     who were wondering)
     Good People, I do not subscribe to this list because it's too 
     addicting.  Occasionally, when work is slow, I do read the
     I feel I must respond to this discussion on Recommendations.
     Baron Corun wrote:  "My question is, does the Crown entertain
     of recommendation for other awards, such as Shark's Tooth, Yew Bow, 
     Kraken, Silver Nautilus, QOC, KAE, Herring, Sea Urchin, Undine?
     is my understanding, at this point, that these are just given out
     the discretion of the Monarchs. I ask this in order to know whether
     inclde these on the form. There's no sense in having people sending
     letters for, say an Undine, when it's given at the discretion of
     Yes, the Crown has and should entertain letters of recommendation
     ANY type.  ALL recognitions given to individuals by the Crown are 
     "given at Their discretion."  Just because the King and/or Queen
     the final say in the matter doesn't preclude sending a
     Extra pairs of eyes are ALWAYS helpful.  Sometimes the closest
     are overlooked.  A nudge from outside can help bring them into
     Next point.  It is not always necessary to specify which award or 
     order you recommend for a worthy individual.  It is perfectly 
     acceptable to write a letter describing their good deeds and close 
     with "I leave it to Your Majesties to decide how best to reward
     person."  Always sing the praises, don't worry if you can't
     The BIGGEST problem with timely delivery of awards is getting name
     and face and deed recognition tied in for the powers involved.
     have been folks whose face I know, whose name I know, and whose
work I
     love but it never ALL clicked as being connected together for me
     they were up getting their Pearl.  How could I answer a polling for 
     this person properly until I had all 3 things together in my
     Never underestimate the poor memory, but good intentions, of the 
     Monarchs, the Principals, and the general population.  
     What I would love at this point is flashcards with name and photo
     one side and list of accomplishments on the other!  Put that
     for your candidate and show it around at every opportunity and
     how fast the tide changes.  
     Encourage your artist friends to keep a portfolio of their work.
     they haven't been, start now.  Put a photo of the arist in the
     Take photos of the work, compile documentation, etc. and put it in
     photo album.  Later on you can take that book to order meetings & 
     events -- It's the big version of the FlashCard and it really
     (And encourage your non-artist friends to keep a journal of events 
     attended, & work done, offices held, etc.)  No, people shouldn't
     to update and present a "resume" to get awards but as our
     keeps growing, it becomes the most efficient way to communicate
     important information quickly throughout the group.  Besides, like
     journals, it's pleasant for it's own sake to be able to look back
at a 
     compiled body of work.
     OK there's my rant.  I could write a book on this topic and still
     answer all the questions.  And these aren't necessarily THE
     If you want to reply or continue this discussion with me, send
     to REAMESD1@WESTAT.COM.  The above is the personal opinion of
     Sincerely, Caterina
     P.S. AND speaking officially as Laurel Principal:  ANYONE can 
     recommend ANYONE else for the Laurel.  Send me an e-mail or post
     the Acorn for address) and it automatically gets condensed and put
     the watch list and discussed at the next meeting.  BUT GIVE ME
     and DETAILS, not just exuberance. Remember that Flash Card --
     what I really long for.  
     P.P.S. Never assume that the Monarchs passed your letter of 
     recommendation along to the Principal of the Order involved.
     send a separate copy to the Principal if you want that person to be 
     added to the watch list.
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