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Re: Awards and such

Poster: Greg Prevost <gregp@ix.netcom.com>

    Now just who is going to tell a Queen that she can't give someone an
award?  Not me!


> > None of these are either polling orders (or
> > > Orders at all except the QOC which is considered an Order in the
> > sense that
> > > one can only be inducted once),
> >
> > ---> uh, I hate to tell you this but Lady Susanna Grey has been
> > awarded the QoC TWICE. Even worse, by your "rule"(i'm not sure where
> > you got it from, could you explain?)she recieved it from
> > "Back-to-Back" Queens. I'd hate to have to tell Katerina she was
> > wrong...
> > <grin>
> Well, this is not *my* "rule". And as I mentioned in my letter, I got the
> information from the Atlantian web page in the section on our Kingdom's
> awards. An article which I also mentioned was published in Tournaments
> Illuminated in Winter 1996. It clearly states that the QOC can only be
> given once. Now either the article is wrong, Katerina was unaware of this,
> or the "rule" (not mine, the Kingdom's) has changed and the article needs
> to be updated.
> Of course I am, and I'm sure everyone else is, well aware of how deserving
> Lady Susanna is of the QOC. Rarely does one see such grace and courtesy in
> one so young.
> In service,
> Corun

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