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Re: Greetings

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Greetings and welcome!

(1) what is on/off board (re: events)? 

The on-board price is the site fee and the feast fee combined.  To be on 
board means you are planning on eating the feast.

Off board means either you are planning on eating your own food at a 
table provided by the event, or that you will be going off the site 
entirely to eat (or eat your own food whilst sitting on the floor in a 
corner, as I have done on occation).  It depends on how the site is set 
up.  But in any case, it means you are NOT eating the feast.

(2) what is "ni" and "ap" in a name? 
Onomastics (the study of period naming practices) aint my thing, but I 
think ni is gaelic for 'daughter of' (don't know which flavor of 
gaelic).  'Ap' is Welsh for 'son of'.  So Daffyd ap Gwystl is Daffyd son 
of Gwystl.

If you wish to register a name with the College of Heralds, they don't 
care whether you use the right word for your sex.  They DO care that you 
use the right word for the gender of the given name you have chosen.  
So, Daffyd ap is OK.  Daffyd ni is not.  Regardless of your sex.

>(3) how important are feast reservations? (I ask because one of my 
>playmates' job often only allows last minute plans). 

It depends on the feast.  Emerald Joust and 12th Night usually sell out 
2 weeks ahead or so.  Other events have feast seats for sale the day of 
the event.  Best bet is to contact the Autocrat and ask.

Another option is to go ahead and purchase a feast reservation, then 
sell it back at the door if things don't work out.  This is risky, in 
that the Autocrat has no obligation to pay you back the day of the 
event.  But often there is a waiting list of people wanting to get on 
board and one of them will purchase your extra feast space.

Talk to the autocrat and see what you can work out.

(4) If you're REALLY (read REALLY) horrible (since your weapon
>is new), but very enthusiastic :):)! is there somewhere/someone you can 
go to get better?

There are rapier practices scattered all over the Ponte Alto/Stovik 
area.  Contact your local Seneschal or the Kingdom Rapier Marshal.  
(Contact information in the Acorn and on the Acorn web site off of 

Have a great time learning more about the SCA!

Terry L. Neill                          Anarra Karlsdottir
The Longship Company, Ltd.              Bright Hills, Atlantia
www.wam.umd.edu/~eowyn/Longship/        ěstvik Vikings

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