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growing indigo, woad, and flax.

Poster: Toni Erwin <amerwin@yahoo.com>

Greetings everyone, 
   I just spoke with my landlord and he has no problem with my diging
up the yard. Yea! So I know have another reason to like living in the
south. I will finally be able to grow some of the things I never had
room to think about back home.
     So the question is has anyone out there ever tried growing
indigo, woad or flax? I am intrested in hearing: how it went, where
you bought your supplies, any challenges you faced ect.. 
   What I am thinking of doing is three diffrent gardens one veg, one
period herb and one for my dying/spining stuff.  I might not get to it
all this year but if I stay down here I will eventually. Besides I
would rather putter in a garden than mow the huge plot my place sits
on. :) 

Thanks again - Lady Bryn. 

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