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Re: growing indigo, woad, and flax.

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

>     So the question is has anyone out there ever tried growing
>indigo, woad or flax? I am intrested in hearing: how it went, where
>you bought your supplies, any challenges you faced ect.. 

I've never tried growing any of them, but I do know that Woad (from 
which the word Weed comes) will grow darned near anywhere.

BE AWARE!  Woad is a class 1 noxious weed on some states and one is NOT 
allowed to cultivate it or import the seeds.  Check the regulations in 
your state.

If you do grow it, please snap off all the seed heads before they can 
scatter, (or put cheese cloth bags around them if you want to collect 
the seeds) and dig up and destroy the plants before you move.  It truely 
is insidious if grown unchecked.

But it makes a great blue!  :)

If you grow indigo, you don't need to grow woad, unless you want to as 
an experiment.  The indigoten in indigo is better and more plentiful 
than the indigotin in woad.  You will need fewer indigo plants and the 
results are very similar.


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