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Re: Herald stuff

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

Rhiannon of Berra wrote:

> Okay... so after you submit your name and device what happens???  If
> it's accepted at Kingdom level and sent up to Laurel do we get a
> note/letter/email saying so, or do we just wait?
> I'll be the first to say I'm one impatient SCAdian!  I am getting
> antsy.  My device and name was submitted to be considered for the April
> 17th meeting and I've not heard a peep.  Is this a case of no news is
> good news?

The process is thus:

You submit your name/device/whatever.  It is researched and decided upon at
the Kingdom level at the next month's meeting.  After the meeting, all this
information has to be assembled and disseminated to the proper persons (LOI
to Laurel; client notification stuff to Nereid).  This takes a little time,
usually a little more than a week.

Then when your submission goes to Laurel, it will be adjudged the fourth
month after it leaves kingdom.  In other words, if it passes kingdom and
leaves this month, it should be ruled upon in August (unless I am so
brain-dead today that I mis-counted).

As soon as I know, I generally post the information to the list so that
people know as soon as possible.

Rhiannon, Triton

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