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Re: Herald stuff

Poster: Meg <megb@maine.com>

> The process is thus:
> You submit your name/device/whatever.  It is researched and decided upon at
> the Kingdom level at the next month's meeting.  After the meeting, all this
> information has to be assembled and disseminated to the proper persons (LOI
> to Laurel; client notification stuff to Nereid).  This takes a little time,
> usually a little more than a week.
> Then when your submission goes to Laurel, it will be adjudged the fourth
> month after it leaves kingdom.  In other words, if it passes kingdom and
> leaves this month, it should be ruled upon in August (unless I am so
> brain-dead today that I mis-counted).
> As soon as I know, I generally post the information to the list so that
> people know as soon as possible.
> Rhiannon, Triton

Greetings Gentles of Atlantia!

I have to comment that it seems like you have a very well oiled machine
for processing submissions! The rule of thumb from what I have heard
here in the East Kingdom is 10 months to a year. I think I'll have to
find out the exact process so I can compare it to yours.

The reason I have subscribed to your list is that I am the lackey for
the "Herald's Cry" event database who will be entering Atlantian events.
I've found mailing lists to be a prime source of updated info for
events. :P

I look forward to learning more about your kingdom, and I hope every
once in awhile I can contribute some worthy information!

In Service,
Marcella neyn Gylys
(a.k.a. Maelyn McKay)
Province of Malagentia, East Kingdom

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