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Re: Merlin - elements of the original legends

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

Wouldst mind pointing me in the direction of some of these earlier
myths?  The earliest reference I've seen for her is Spenser or

My humble thanks!

> Queen Madb is a fairly major character in ancient British mythology.
> She is a goddess in earlier myths but eventually she is downgraded to a
> Faerie queen.  I haven't ever seen her attached to the Arthurian legends
> before, however.
> Sionan MacCruimmen

> > This has been puzzling me since I saw the second half of the 'Merlin'
> > program (I missed part 1):
> >
> > Someone has mentioned to me that Queen Mab was associated with
> > Morganna
> > or Morgan le Fey in the older legends of Arthur and Merlin, but I
> > don't
> > recall when or where or if she was in those legends at all.  Does
> > anyone
> > else recall?  This is just one of those nagging questions that tugs at
> > your brain until you remember it.  I mention it here because the
> > legends
> > about it are all Medieval if I recall correctly.....
> >
> > Miri
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