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Golden Dolphin Herald: Announcements

Poster: david.a.montuori@adn.alcatel.com (Dave Montuori)

What follows is my letter for the June Acorn, edited to reflect that the
online version is being sent about 4 weeks earlier than the print version
will arrive in snailmailboxes. I have split the letter into 2 parts.
This is part 1:

Unto the Crown and Populace of Atlantia, and all others who read these
presents: greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Golden Dolphin Herald. Before I
get to this month's results there are a few IMPORTANT topics I wish to

FIRST, concerning the "heraldic black hole": the deadline set by Triton is
May 2nd -- Crown Tourney. Yes, that's TOMORROW. After tomorrow, regardless
of whether or not your submission was considered by Golden Dolphin, any
resubmission for something more than a year old must be accompanied by the
current fees ($10 per element). I repeat: if you resubmit something sent in
more than a year previous, you will have to pay the current submission fee
to get it considered.

SECOND, concerning the proper forms for submissions. The Golden Dolphin
office requires the following:

- TWO copies of the completed name sheet for a name submission.
- For each armory submission, three colored-in full-size pictures, plus
  one outline copy. The outline must be black ink on white paper; simply
  photocopying the colored-in copy is incorrect, unless your submission
  uses only black and white anyway.
- With the current forms, each armory submission must also have two
  completed copies of the name sheet; if you are submitting a name, you may
  use those name sheets as the covers for one accompanying piece of armory.
- Please use separate name sheets for each piece of armory.

Why am I mentioning this? Simply because of the number of serious
administrative problems I have had compiling the March and April letters of
intent. In those two months, eleven submissions were short one name sheet;
two had no name sheets at all; one submission lacked color copies; and one
had no outline. Out of the goodness of our hearts we took care of all the
problems but the last one. (Nobody wanted to trace the color copy to get an
outline!) However, our available time is limited; we will be enforcing the
requirements, and returning submissions that do not meet them. (The
requirements are traditionally reduced for submissions from consult tables
at Coronation, Crown Tourney, University, 12th Night, and Unevent, in the
interest of minimizing waiting times.)

Another requirement which folks often fall short of is name documentation.
If you are supplying docs for your name, you need to supply two copies of
each of the following: the actual citations you wish to bring to our
attention (of course); the title page of the book; and the publication info
page of the book. Remember that for each book, we need to know the title,
the author(s) or editor(s), the name of the publisher, and the year it was
published. I do full term-paper-style bibliographies in our letters of
intent. If you think your source may be "standard," please ask; no point
in sending me copies out of a book the office has (or can easily get to).

THIRD, I wish to announce that the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, with the
Board's approval, is instituting new submission forms. Each kingdom will
still have its own forms -- the new forms will not be standardized across
the whole Known World -- but the new ones will all look rather similar to
each other. We will be testing prototypes of the new forms in May and June;
I encourage you to check them out, and send me your comments regarding what
you like or dislike about them. Based on your comments and our experiences,
we will issue a final version of the new forms later this summer. Everyone
is strongly encouraged to use them once they are out. Starting in January
they will be the only acceptable forms in this kingdom; after the deadline
for the January letter of intent, OLD-STYLE FORMS WILL NO LONGER BE
ACCEPTED. Submissions made after the deadline on old-style forms will
be RETURNED. You have been warned.

Golden Dolphin
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