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Golden Dolphin Herald: April internal results

Poster: david.a.montuori@adn.alcatel.com (Dave Montuori)

What follows is my letter for the June Acorn, edited to reflect that the
online version is being sent about 4 weeks earlier than the print version
will arrive in snailmailboxes. I have split the letter into 2 parts.
This is part 2:

Now back to the usual business. The April Letter of Intent was the result of
three separate meetings. The first was a road show in Drachentor on March
29; the other two were held April 17 and 18. Expected LoI meetings for the
near future include Sunday, 10 May and Sunday, 14 June at the residence of
Dominus Herveus.


Arianna Morgan. New badge. [fieldless] Three pheons conjoined in pall
inverted, points to center, sable Or and vert.

Blaise de Cormeilles. Change of name from James FitzGeorge, change of
device. Argent, a pale between six escallops azure.

Brigit Gilbertstoune. New name.

Ceridwen of Moray. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Apr 97). Per
chevron argent and gules, two fleurs-de-lys sable and a scarab argent.

Chriemhilt von Regensburg. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Oct 97).
Argent, a mushroom gules the cap platy a bordure compony vert and Or.

Finn O'Flaherty. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Jan 98). Argent, a
squirrel rampant azure between three oak trees proper.

Fionn B{a'}n. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Atlantia Jan 98). Or, a phoenix
displayed azure rising from flames gules, a bordure azure.

Gabrielle de Carcassonne. New name and device. Azure, a castle
triple-towered, on a chief wavy Or three fleurs-de-lys azure.

Gabrielle de Carcassonne. New badge. [fieldless] A fleur-de-lys per pale
azure and Or.

Ginevra de' Rossi. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Dec 97). Argent, a
dolphin naiant vert, on a chief wavy azure three escallops inverted argent,
a ford proper.

Gisele l'Orpheline. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Atlantia Dec 97). Vert, two
wolves teeth issuant from sinister paly Or and azure.

Gregor Dow McGregor. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Dec 97). Argent, on
a pale between two roses slipped and leaved sable a rapier argent.

Gregory Blount. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Aug 97). Azure, two
arms in armor counter-embowed and interlaced Or.

Gunnar Haraldsson. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Jan 98). Vert, on a
pile sable fimbriated Or, an eagle displayed argent.

Henri la Grave. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Jan 98). Vert, a comet
bendwise head to chief between six estoiles Or.

Hugh Wallace. New name and device. Azure, two ladles crossed in saltire Or.

Jeremiah Drake. New name.

Jocetta Thrushleigh of Rowansgarth. Change of device. Quarterly vert and
azure, three singing thrushes contourny, tails erect Or.

John von der Velde. Change of device. Per bend sinister vert and azure, a
double-bitted axe argent and a mount indented Or.

Katherine Maunsel. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel May 97). Argent, a
double rose gules and Or, seeded azure and thorned vert, a bordure azure.

Maolmhichil inghean u{i'} Bhrolach{a'}in. Resubmitted name and device (ret'd
by Atlantia Jan 97).

Argent, on a cat's pawprint azure a mullet argent, a chief dovetailed sable.

Meraud Wallace. New name and device. Purpure, a fleur-de-lis within a
bordure argent.

Mordeyrn Tremayne. Resubmitted change of device (ret'd by Atlantia Mar 97).
Or, a dragon sejant to sinister, wings displayed azure, maintaining in base
with its tail a Latin cross botonny sable, a chief embattled checky sable
and argent.

Nathalie of San Marco. New name and device. Purpure, an escallop inverted
argent, on a chief argent three crosses botonny fitchy sable.

Ninian Beall. New name and device. Sable, a thistle, between in chief two
roses Or barbed and seeded vert.

Nostas'ia Stepanova Kievskaia. Change of name from Brighid 
Maoilsheachlainn, and new device. Argent, a phoenix sable issuant from
flames proper, a bordure gules semy of pheons points to center argent.

Nostas'ia Stepanova Kievskaia. New badge. [fieldless] On a flame Or a cross
of four pheons conjoined at the points sable.

Patrick O'Neill of Cork. New name.

Reymund of Salisbury. New name.

Rhiannon of Berra. New name.

Robert de Clifton. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Jan 98). Azure, two
chevronels between two trefoils slipped and a garb argent.

Sven Olafssen. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Dec 97). Or, a hammer
bendwise sinister sable, head enflamed gules, between three escallops
inverted, a bordure embattled vert.

Thorsteinn Orn Sveinsson. Change of device. Per chevron inverted invected
gules and sable, a demi-sun issuant from the line of division Or and an
eagle displayed argent.

Thyra Beiskaldi {O'}l{a'}fsd{o'}ttir. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia
Apr 97). Or chap{e'} ploy{e'} purpure, a domestic cat sejant to sinister

Toby of Isenfir. New name and device. Potent, a horse rampant Or.

Westan Locke. New name and device. Sable, on a chevron argent between three
keys palewise Or, three crows contourny sable.


Edward M{a'}thramail ap Gerald. Resubmitted name (ret'd by Atlantia Dec 97).

Erika Rothals. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Dec 96). (conflict, lack
of funds)

Jeremiah Drake. New device. (conflict)

Margarethe vom Schwarzwald. New name and device. (name conflict, device
returned for lack of name)

Meredydd Athramail ferch Gerald. New name. (style)

Patrick O'Neill of Cork. New device. (redraw)

Rhiannon of Berra. New device. (no outline drawing)


S{i'}n nic Aindr{e'}as. Resubmitted change of name from Fiona nic
Aindr{e'}is (ret'd by Atlantia Dec 97). (required consultation with
submitter before making changes)

Sorry for the long-windedness this month, but sometimes things just need to
be said, and there was lots of heraldic activity to report. I remain yours
in service,

Golden Dolphin
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