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Reservations going fast for Gypsies, Archers and Thieves event

Poster: Kofryna the Goatherd <kofryna@geocities.com>

Greetings from Lady Kofryna the Goatherd, co-autocrat from Highland Foorde
of the Gypsies, Archers and Thieves event, the first joint venture between
the East Kingdom Shire of Silver Rylle and the Atlantian Shire of Highland

The site opens Friday 8 May at 5:00 pm, and closes Sunday 10 May at 12 pm.
As of this writing, approximately 170 reservations are in hand (as well as
over 15 merchants). That leaves about 50 spots left on-board for this
unique event. The event site is the spectacular Camp Bashore in Fort
Indiantown Gap, PA. 
Following is a list of all the scheduled activities, as well as meal menus.
As you will see, there is something to appeal to everyone, with activities
ranging from archery to heavy to rapier, to everyone's favorite: eating!
Additional information can be found in the Pikestaff or the Acorn.
To make your reservation, please contact Shara McKenzie at
SharaSCA@aol.com, or call (717)-354-3900. 
Hope to see you all there!



Roving Range By Lord Spence Colby
On-going from 9:00 until 4

Novelty Shoots (by Lord Lorenzo il Confuso and the Highland Foorde Archery
Attacking boar moving target shoot
Castle Wall Shoot
Water Shoot 

Miscellaneous Shoots (led by the Shire of Silver Rylle)
Royal Rounds
Advancing Man Shoot

Rapier Activities - Field A (by Lord Gregoire de Conteville) 
Combat Archery/Rapier Melees

On Field B
Heavy Combat (list opens at 11:00)
Thrown Weapons

English Country Dance
Gypsy Dance
Middle Eastern Dance
Pomander Making
Crossbow shooting

By the Lake in the evening
Torchlight dancing
Bardic Circle


Saturday Breakfast (Highland Foorde Cooks Guild)
Strawberries on shortbread
Hard-boiled Eggs
Aztec Fruit
Honey Butter
Juice, Coffee and Tea

Saturday Lunch (Jessa of Silver Rylle and Kate O'Gara)
Welsh rarebit
Bread and Honey butter
Cabbage Salad

Saturday Feast (Baron Damon Argent, called Silver)
Almond-Rose Soup
Smoked Jasmine Tea Duck
Italian White Beans
Spinach with Leeks
Herbed Rice
Pesto Pasta
Bread with Parmesan Dipping Oil

Saturday Feast Desserts (Highland Foorde Cooks Guild)
Cobbler with three kinds of cherries
Apple Pippin Pie in a Crown of Fire
Almond Whipped Cream

Sunday Breakfast (Lady Brangwayna and Angus Campbell)
Scotch Eggs
Brown Fries
Juice, Coffee and Tea

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