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Re: Reflections on Crown

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Unto the assembled nobles and gentles, greetings from Lord Kevin of
Thornbury, a competitor in Saturday's Crown Tournament.

> 1.  A Heartfelt Vivat to the autocrat and those others who organized the
> event, it was a wonderful day on a wonderful site.

Indeed, this was well done, and I expected no less of the Barony of Caer

> 2.  In my opinion, the finest show of the day was the gentleman who
> recently moved to Atlantia from the West (I fear I cannot recall his
> name, although I should).  His heartfelt "I've given it all I have, and
> if the shots I am throwing are not enough to defeat you, then I cannot"
> before collapsing in exhaustion was quite possibly the most elegant
> gesture of the day.

Sir Havordh Aterbani ("Havorc").  He is a man of honor and chivalry, and
I salute him for his behaviour and his efforts.

> All in all, an interesting experiment, but I hope that it
> is not repeated.

You've got most of it, the first round was challenge, the following
rounds were unconditional draw.  Two fights happened twice, Sir Havordh
was forced to fight his lady wife Cussata, and I drew my squire brother.

The other anomaly was that no thrusting was permitted, as is common in
all of His Majesty's Crown Lists.

> (I am prepared to hear discussion as to positive merits of the list
> style chosen, and my mind may be convinced otherwise, but that is my
> current opinion)

It was fast and clean.  That was its intent and its accomplishment. 
I've not much opinion of good or bad, but it made it exciting.  :)

And as to slowing down once the final rounds are upon us, one could
argue adrenaline against rest.  :)

VIVANT to our new Crown Prince and Princess, Anton and Luned!
|+^+|  Kevin of Thornbury
|/+\|  (mka Kevin Maxson)
 \_/   kevin@maxson.com   http://www.atlantia.sca.org
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