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Reflections on Crown

Poster: Alan MacNeill <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

Unto the Merry Rose does Gorm of Berra send greetings:

Well, it's the Monday after Crown Tournament, and I'm reasonably sure
that everyone has heard of the victor.  However, some not quite random
thoughts have entered my mind about the event.

1.  A Heartfelt Vivat to the autocrat and those others who organized the
event, it was a wonderful day on a wonderful site.

2.  In my opinion, the finest show of the day was the gentleman who
recently moved to Atlantia from the West (I fear I cannot recall his
name, although I should).  His heartfelt "I've given it all I have, and
if the shots I am throwing are not enough to defeat you, then I cannot"
before collapsing in exhaustion was quite possibly the most elegant
gesture of the day. 

3.  I admit to some perplexion as to the format of the tourney...for
those who were not there, it was random draw all the way through (the
first round may have been challenges, I could not see clearly, but I
know from the second round on it was pure random draw all the way
through).  This certainly has the merits of ensuring an unbiased list,
but it also had a number of disadvantages.  There was no easy way to
sense how people were doing at the progression.  There was no sense of
where we were in the tournament (When the Heralds are surprised that the
final round is about to begin, you know something is amiss).  The byes
came way late, when there were a final 3 competitors.  There were at
least two situations where the same competitors fought against each
other twice.  All in all, an interesting experiment, but I hope that it
is not repeated.

(I am prepared to hear discussion as to positive merits of the list
style chosen, and my mind may be convinced otherwise, but that is my
current opinion)

4.  Whoever bribed Mother Nature deserves something...as late as Friday
morning the forecast was for rain and possibly even thunderstorms. 
Instead, the day was partly cloudy, with no rain until well after the
list was complete.

5.  Perhaps once the list progresses closer to the final rounds the pace
should slow down somewhat.  The fighters appeared visibly fatigued (to
the point of collapse from one fighter).  Yes, there is the argument
that the prize should go to the best prepared, but there is also an
argument that we should give the fighters the chance to present
themselves at their absolute best.

Just my opinions on a glorious event, countere opinions are welcome :)

Gorm of Berra
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