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Re: Reflections on Crown

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

Personally, I like the traditional format better too, but for those
interested we did figure out some improvements while we saw how the
tournament developed.

If you were doing this format you could avoid duplicates if you set up a
procedure for handling them beforehand.  The easiest method would be to
throw the pairing back in the basket if the pair had already fought. 
But, if chosen and second time for that round you keep it even if it's a
repeat.  One could also avoid repeat byes if you picked them first
(instead of last) and threw them back in if they already had a bye.  We
got lucky Saturday and no one got more than one bye (I think?).  We
didn't implement these rules because we didn't figure it out until after
the tournament had started.
Yours in Service,
Duke Richard Fitzgilbert, 
Earl Marshal of Atlantia

> 3.  I admit to some perplexion as to the format of the tourney...for
> those who were not there, it was random draw all the way through (the
> first round may have been challenges, I could not see clearly, but I
> know from the second round on it was pure random draw all the way
> through).  This certainly has the merits of ensuring an unbiased list,
> but it also had a number of disadvantages.  There was no easy way to
> sense how people were doing at the progression.  There was no sense of
> where we were in the tournament (When the Heralds are surprised that the
> final round is about to begin, you know something is amiss).  The byes
> came way late, when there were a final 3 competitors.  There were at
> least two situations where the same competitors fought against each
> other twice.  All in all, an interesting experiment, but I hope that it
> is not repeated.
> (I am prepared to hear discussion as to positive merits of the list
> style chosen, and my mind may be convinced otherwise, but that is my
> current opinion)
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