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Re: Reflections on Crown

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> <snipped quite a bit...>

> ----> NAY, good friend not a bribe! Apparently, you are unaware of my
> amazing ability!
> It has never rained on the fighting of ANY event I have autocrated, OR
> was asked by the Autocrat to fix the unfortunate weather conidition!!!!
> ;-)
> Byton Tremaine
> Friend of Thor
> BTW: Please don't socilite me with bribes for your events now that you
> know! It would be UNETHICAL for a gentleman such as myself to haggle
> such a Rare gift. Any inquires may be directed to my Agent, Count Guido.
> >;-)
> (sometimes known as ...
> Bryce de Byram
> autocrat of Crown Tourney)
> > ==

Besides, Thor would kick your behind from here to Asgard.....!  ;)

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