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Event Ideas

Poster: Burt and Jen <wbcook@mail.ioa.com>

To all denizens of the Merry Rose a few individuals from the barony of
sacred stone would like to present two event ideas to the people of
atlantia for consideration. 
The first is a children's oriented event. It would be a non-fighting
event designed to involve child and adults in all kinds of games and
contests. We have several ideas all ready in the works but would welcome
any and all input. Teams of children and adults would go through a
series of games and contests (a risk type minature board game, obstacle
courses, jousting a child on an adults back, boffer tourneys, ship
building, castle building and sieging, quests, dragon slaying, etc.etc.)
With of course prizes for all types of winners, best teamwork, best
performance, most courteous, etc. etc.
The second is designed to involve everyone on site from children to
adults to pets in the event and to involve them with each other. It
would also possibly be a non-fighting event and the site would have to
be similar to the King's Mtn site in SC with a central hall and camp or
cabin sites set up in loops. It would be a sheep raiding event. Each
loop of gentles become a clan with badges and a flock of sheep which
they have to tend and protect (a guard dog leased next to the pen would
be a boon). The sheep would have a pen in the middle of the loop. Any
and all types of raiding are fair game (night raids, etc.) Also we were
toying with the idea of giving each female a token at troll and seeing
which clan can win the most tokens and ladies favor. Before feast the
clans would be required to herd their flock to the hall for a head count
to declare a winner. The A&S would be centered around a wool/scottish
theme, best use of wool, most creative use of wool, best battle cry,
best clan motto, best shepherd, best raid, best raid story "to be told
during feast and to start with the words No Sheep, There we were" best
wooing of a ladies favor, etc. etc.)
We would like to get started on these ideas as soon as possible. We will
be having a brainstorming session at Feast of the Thirty on May 16th at
King's Mtn State Park in SC. Representatives from each canton in the
barony and interested Kingdom Officers are most welcome. Any and all
interested gentles are Welcome to attend. Bring scribing materials and
your thinking caps. Thank you for you time and effort.
In Service, 
Lady Skye Tanglemane of Shadowhawke
Lord Rohern von Rhine
Lady Kisaiya Choomomisto of Shadowhawke
Andrea of Shadowhawke
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