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Re: University vs War Practice

Poster: Greg Prevost <gregp@ix.netcom.com>

    Well, in a way, the war practice fits in with the University theme.  You go to
University to learn new things and improved on the things you know.  A war
practice (at least the way His Majesty usually runs them) is the same idea.  You
are not there for fun (trust me one this one, if you have never trained till you
are ready to puke and still had some old Dukes yelling at you to keep up with them
you are missing out).  Tourney's are for fun and glory, War Practices are for
learning and improving your endurance.  I am sure there will be marshal training,
spear training, and unit tactics training to name a few.  That sounds like it is
falls well within the "researching and teaching others
about the Middle Ages" that you spoke of in your letter.

In Service


SCA Vard wrote:

> Vard greets the Principality Discussion list!
> Etain wrote:
> << Actually, His Majesty scheduled the Kingdom war practice for the same day,
> so I doubt he, at least,  will be attending University.  >>
> Okay, I've been asking the following question here locally, but perhaps it is
> now time to ask this of a larger audience....
> "Why is there an event scheduled on the same day as University?"
> In other kingdoms, Universities were always treated as "can't conflict with
> it, no-way, no-how" events.  Why is this different here in Atlantia?
> The SCA is a non-profit edcuational organization, dedicated to researching the
> arts, sciences, and customs of the Middle Ages.  Events such as University are
> directly derived from this "charter" (my word), and as such, help provide
> ongoing evidence that the SCA should indeed continue to be the wonderful
> organization we've all grown to know and love.
> Fighting is cool, fighting is exciting, and fighting is often one of the most
> visible recruitment tools we've got.  I like fighting.  But, isn't fighting
> merely something we do "on the side" while researching and teaching others
> about the Middle Ages?
> -Vard

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