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Re: University vs War Practice

Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@erols.com>

Greg Prevost wrote:
>     Well, in a way, the war practice fits in with the University theme.  You go to
> University to learn new things and improved on the things you know.  A war
> practice (at least the way His Majesty usually runs them) is the same idea.  You
> are not there for fun (trust me one this one, if you have never trained till you
> are ready to puke and still had some old Dukes yelling at you to keep up with them
> you are missing out).  Tourney's are for fun and glory, War Practices are for
> learning and improving your endurance.  I am sure there will be marshal training,
> spear training, and unit tactics training to name a few.  That sounds like it is
> falls well within the "researching and teaching others
> about the Middle Ages" that you spoke of in your letter.

Aye, I suppose it is true that the marshal training in question is an
aspect of researching and teaching others about the Middle Ages.  But,
this still begs the question "Why the same weekend as University?"

The Kingdom has 50 weekends a year that are open for major fighter
training events, and 2 that should be reserved for at least a looksie
into "The Peaceable arts" (ignoring for the moment the fact that there
are several war-related classes taught at University historically).  

Scheduling this conflict creates a *major* problem for someone like
myself who is a struggling fighter, who could doubtless use the
experience a War practice will provide, but is also a novice herald, and
a compeltely unskilled illuminator.  When I received the University
catalog I saw at least 4 classes I was *very* interested in.  However,
when I heard that the War Practice was the same weekend, I also knew I
needed to be there.

There is no good solution.

I have been told that there was a scheduling problem, that this was the
only weekend it could be held.  If this is the case, that is an
explanation, and probably an adequate one, as long as it was site
scheduling that was the problem.

Gorm of Berra
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