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Re: Event Ideas

Poster: April & Steve Riley <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>

Having 4 children of my own, and the oldest having lost interest because
there is nothing for her to do (she didn't want to fight, cook, or in her
words "be a slave), I think this is a great idea.  This past weekend at KM
there were a lot of children, something I haven't seen at many events.
They had alot of fun and behaved very well, I wished I brought my own.
My Lord and I taught archery, and the children seemed to enjoy it, so we
are at your service again.
In service
Luisa and Steafan

At 01:12 PM 5/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Poster: Burt and Jen <wbcook@mail.ioa.com>
>To all denizens of the Merry Rose a few individuals from the barony of
>sacred stone would like to present two event ideas to the people of
>atlantia for consideration. 
>The first is a children's oriented event. It would be a non-fighting
>event designed to involve child and adults in all kinds of games and
>contests. We have several ideas all ready in the works but would welcome
>any and all input. Teams of children and adults would go through a
>series of games and contests (a risk type minature board game, obstacle
>courses, jousting a child on an adults back, boffer tourneys, ship
>building, castle building and sieging, quests, dragon slaying, etc.etc.)
>With of course prizes for all types of winners, best teamwork, best
>performance, most courteous, etc. etc.
>The second is designed to involve everyone on site from children to
>adults to pets in the event and to involve them with each other. It
>would also possibly be a non-fighting event and the site would have to
>be similar to the King's Mtn site in SC with a central hall and camp or
>cabin sites set up in loops. It would be a sheep raiding event. Each
>loop of gentles become a clan with badges and a flock of sheep which
>they have to tend and protect (a guard dog leased next to the pen would
>be a boon). The sheep would have a pen in the middle of the loop. Any
>and all types of raiding are fair game (night raids, etc.) Also we were
>toying with the idea of giving each female a token at troll and seeing
>which clan can win the most tokens and ladies favor. Before feast the
>clans would be required to herd their flock to the hall for a head count
>to declare a winner. The A&S would be centered around a wool/scottish
>theme, best use of wool, most creative use of wool, best battle cry,
>best clan motto, best shepherd, best raid, best raid story "to be told
>during feast and to start with the words No Sheep, There we were" best
>wooing of a ladies favor, etc. etc.)
>We would like to get started on these ideas as soon as possible. We will
>be having a brainstorming session at Feast of the Thirty on May 16th at
>King's Mtn State Park in SC. Representatives from each canton in the
>barony and interested Kingdom Officers are most welcome. Any and all
>interested gentles are Welcome to attend. Bring scribing materials and
>your thinking caps. Thank you for you time and effort.
>In Service, 
>Lady Skye Tanglemane of Shadowhawke
>Lord Rohern von Rhine
>Lady Kisaiya Choomomisto of Shadowhawke
>Andrea of Shadowhawke
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