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Re: Heraldry Questions

Poster: Tony Boring <boring@typhoon.coedu.usf.edu>

I haven't seen a response to this question yet, so please excuse me if my
posting is redundant.

On Fri, 8 May 1998, Christopher Mark Faulcon wrote:

> What is a gore?

A gore is angular charge issuant from the (dexter, by default) edge of the

> What does plumetty mean?

I'm not completely sure. From the example you give below, I would gather
that it is a (pseudo-?) field treatment (similar to scaly, masoned, or
honeycombed). Most likely, it is derived from the French word for
"feather" and is probably intended to resemble either the "pelt" (so to
speak) of a bird, or is a field semy of feathers (similar to ermine
-- argent semy of ermine tails sable).

> What does a "gore, plumetty argent and azure" look like?

Provided that this is a correct blazon, I would think that my first
description of "plumetty" is correct. This would probably give alternating
feathers (or possibly rows of feathers) as white and blue. Were my second
description correct, I would expect to see it blazoned "a gore argent
plummetty azure". 

As a side note, I do not find "plumetty" in the Glossary of Terms found at
http://www.sca.org/heraldry/coagloss.html. I have also not seen this
before in SCA heraldry. Therefore, I am inclined to think that plumetty is
not an allowable practice in the SCA.


Antonio Miguel Santos de Borja
Ensign Pursuivant of Trimaris

PD: If you get any more authoritative comment, please let me know -- I'm a
name herald, but didn't think your query should go unanswered.

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