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Re: Atlantia

Poster: "Joyce A. Baldwin" <jocetta@ibm.net>


You asked:

>I was curious, how many teens, roughly, are there in Atlantia..are
>there any in Baelfire Dunn? 

I can't answer for Atlantia as a whole, but here in our Canton of Buckston
on Eno (Durham, NC), we have at least 6-10 teens regularly participating
out of I'm guessing perhaps 30-40 gentles (I'm bad with numbers).  Some
have parents involved, some don't.  We are known to be "teen heavy" in our
barony, but we don't consider that a bad thing!  They are valued and
actively participating members of our group.  Basically, you need a starter
- you have some, you get more.  A few got interested,  got their friends
involved, others came and saw young people... you get the picture.  It
helps if the group reassures non SCA parents that we are a responsible,
reasonably mature bunch of people who will not lead their little darlings
astray.  Having SCA parents around is particularly reasurringand can be
contagious.  We have one young lady who got her mother, sister, and
stepfather involved!

Just a little snapshot from our corner of the (Known) world.

Joyce A. Baldwin
Diva Extraordinaire

In the Society for Creative Anachronism:
Lady Jocetta Thrushleigh of Rowansgarth
Exchequer, Canton of Buckston on Eno
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