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Re: University vs War Practice

Poster: "Genie Powell" <genie@vt.edu>

>Sir Dafydd:
>many apologies to you (and any others) who feel like I am "trashing" one
>for another (especially to the good people hosting University).... that is
>simply not the case.  I merely meant to point out that at NO OTHER TIME
>the Pennsic War will there be a practice such as this one, where, en masse
>fighters can work together and sharpen their skills...... and having said
>I once again invite you all to attend!
>In Service,


Except for Black Diamond's Assessment Battles to be held on July 17-19 in
Bedford, VA.  Check your June Acorn for the flyer come the next month.   :)
(no offense, dear Adrianna, just had to plug my barony and one of the best
events this summer <wink>)

Baroness Isabel d'Avignon

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