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Principality News

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Unto the folk of fair Atlantia, greetings!

As most of you know by now, there has been movement towards creating a
principality in the northern part of Atlantia, containing at least
Bright Hills, Lochmere, Dun Carraig, Storvik, Roxbury Mill, Highland
Foorde, Ponte Alto and Stierbach, and possibly extending down as far as
Caer Mear and Isenfir.  Regular meetings have been held since January to
go over proposed laws, proposed names and heraldry and various other
facets of the proposed Principality, culminating in a meeting on April
19th, where the various 'ballot issues' were determined. 

Since then, ballots have been mailed out to those living in the affected
areas.  These ballots first ask the overall question of 'should we have
a principality?' and then go on to address specifics of name, heraldry,
laws and awards.  If this polling comes back in favor of a principality,
then work will move forward towards formation and these ballots will
comprise the major portion of the packet that goes on, first to the
Kingdom Seneschal and monarchs, and then to the Society Seneschal and
Board of Directors.  There will not be another polling at a later date,
unless issues come up that must be resolved that way - this is the
official and final balloting on the subject.

Regrettably, there were some problems with the labels used to mail out
these ballots.  Several zip codes in the affected areas were
inadvertently omitted from the request for labels from Milpitas (in one
case due to a typographical error and in another to a simple mistake). 
Therefore a second set of labels is being requested from the Corporate
Office, and these will be carefully cross-checked against membership
rolls, those who have already received ballots, and zip code lists in
the seneschalate files, and ballots will be sent out to those
who were missed on the first round.  This process will be carefully
documented and these lists & label copies will also form part of the
proposal package (if this goes forward) so that there can be no thought
of impropriety in the balloting.

To allow time for these corrections, the deadline to return these
ballots has been extended to June 26th, 1998.  The meeting on June 7th,
originally arranged to announce the results of the balloting, has been
_cancelled_; instead the announcement meeting has been scheduled for
July 5th at St Paul Lutheran Church in Falls Church, VA from 2 - 6 pm. 
>From the south:
Take I-495 to the west side of DC (inner loop) to I-66 West.
Take I-66 West for about 1 mile to Rt 7 north.
Take Rt 7 north, Go to the next light turn left onto Idylwood Dr.
Once on Idylwood Dr. the church is about 200 yards on the right.

>From the north:
Take I-495 to the west side of DC (outer loop) to Rt 7 south.
Get off at Rt 7 south. Go about 1 mile and turn right onto Idylwood Dr.
Once on Idylwood Dr. the church is about 200 yards on the right.

For more information on the principality movement: 

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(In Northern Atlantia) Call your local Seneschal to find out who
your local group's information representative is.

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