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25 New Merchants on SCA Merchants Row!

Poster: "L.A. Christie" <merchantsrow@datasys.net>


Please find below a list of the merchants most recently added to the SCA
Merchants Row home page at:


If you have any questions, or find a link that doesn't work right, please
email  merchantsrow@datasys.net.  Thanks!

In service,

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Visit The Polish Peasant Home Page at http://www.datasys.net/polish
Lady Ewa Grzybowska, Barony of Iron Mountain, Kingdom of Meridies
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Our newest Merchants Row neighbors are...

TWILIGHT'S DOOR - Medieval merchandise including weapons, armor, games,
patterns and more.

TRIBAL EYE - Tribal Eye offers the highest quality beads and jewelery, both
authentic and reproductions of medieval and ancient items. Jewelry includes
beads, necklaces, earrings, coins and more! 

SMALL CHURL BOOKS - SCA Books! Find what you want by searching either
alphabetically or by subject matter. 

SHADOW'S TREASURE CHEST - Medieval/Renaissance cloaks and garb. 

RAVEN WINGS - Fine handcrafted "period" style perfumes, body oils and

MSKELLY GEMS, JEWELRY, LORE - Rough stones, Polished stones, Natural
crystals, Hand-wrought silver and gold-filled jewelry, and more.

MERIC ARCHERY - We sell new and used longbows, recurves and crossbows,
accessories, arrow making supplies and custom arrows with European,
Japanese or Mongolian fletching. 

MEDIEVAL MENAGERIE - A 'medieval general store' featuring the work of local
artisans. Merchandise includes accessories, armour, banners, blades, garb,
gloves, leather/leather products, patterns, wood furniture, and more to

MACGREGOR HISTORIC GAMES - We sell a variety of period board, dice and card

LAZY DRAGON -  We sell everything "from pocketknives to broadswords."
Something for any and all time periods, both manufactured and handmade.

INGASBO - Circlets and Middle Eastern Jewelry and other Accoutrements for
the Re-creationist. 

FARTHINGALES FABRICS - Farthingale Fabrics specializes in Corset building
supplies and natural fibre fabrics including a complete line of linen from
handkerchief weight to heavy suiting weights, all white, off white and
natural greige. There is also a good selection of silks and cotton. 

NICK FARINACCI SUNDIAL PENDANTS - Our sundial pendants are reproductions or
interpretations of sundial pendants in use during the middle ages. 

THE ELVEN SHELF MEDIEVAL BOOKSTORE - Your one-shop stop for 100's of
medieval books on all topics, from women to weaponry, garb to art and

EARLY OUTFITTERS - Early Outfitters provides basic information and clothing
for newcomers to the SCA and LARP games. 


CORNWELL SCRIBEWORKS - Medieval and Renaissance-style calligraphy and
illumination produced by hand, featuring SCA playing cards!

CLOAK & DAGGER CREATIONS - Cloak & Dagger creates custom made clothing that
can be as historically accurate as customer wishes. We also supply cloak
clasps and trims, and provide a swatching service for fabrics and trims. 

CHE DESIGNS - I am a metalsmith who specializes in chain mail brought down
to jewelry scale. I also make a few production pieces including a Lilith
pendant and a Venus of Willendorf Plate for chain mail rings or a pendant,

CELTIC ARMS COMPANY - Celtic Arms Co. makes and sells Chainmaille armour,
standard and custom blacksmithed items as well as assorted medieval weapons
and other re-enactment items.

CAMPANIA TREASURES - Ceramic feastgear imported from Vietre sun Mare,
Italy. All items are period and can be custom designed with your device. We
offer special full set pricing for SCA members.

CALONTIR TRIM  - You know this guy - did you know he was online?  A wide
variety of trims, from simple cotton weaves to elaborate byzantine borders.

BURT'S MUSIC IN PRINT  - Sheet music for recorder, guitar, harp, dulcimer
and other period instruments. 

BLACK ROSE CREATIONS - Specializing in the reproduction of historical arms
for reenactment and SCA combat. 

ARGENT FLAME COSTUMING - Custom-made medieval and Renaissance costumes,
garb, clothing; some accessories, info, and links; if you don't see what
you're looking for, just ask! 



This clears my Merchants Row files to date...therefore, IF you are a
merchant who has sent a link request recently, and you are NOT on this
list, that means one of the following:  1) there is a problem with your
page, in which case you should have received email from me; 2) there is a
problem with *getting to* your page, and I have not been able to contact
you about it; or 3) somehow your email did not get through to me in the
first place;  please email me again at merchantsrow@datasys.net.  Thanks!

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Visit The Polish Peasant Home Page at http://www.datasys.net/polish
Lady Ewa Grzybowska, on the road again...
     "Whoever says, 'God bless the soul of the scribe', God will bless his
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