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Would anybody be interested in.....

Poster: ginevra@bellsouth.net

Greetings to all,
     I am putting out a feeler to the kingdom to see what interest there
might be in an equestrian event.   The Shire of Border Vale Keep will be
putting on its
third Machiavellian games (not the same type of thing that used to happen
in Virginia) on Nov.14 (the Sicilian Vespers.)  We will have access to a
magnificent site that includes covered shelters with cold water fountains
scattered about sprawling grasslands, cabins with both heating/air
conditioning, grand feast hall, lake, and a gorgeous wood.  Quite a few
Meridians have expressed an interest in attending, and there will be horses
brought in for those that don't have their own. There is also space to
house horses and conduct equestrian activities, so bring your own if you
    Of course, there will also be the other activities associated with the
Machiavellian games; heavy fighting, cloak and dagger rapier tourney, a spy
olympics, the assassins guild, Know your Poisons competition,  A&S
competitions for best period spy accoutrements, Bardic with the theme of
Mayhem and Deception,  a daylong mystery to be solved, a few murder victims
strewn here and there (victims will be compensated, or at least their next
of kin.)
  So if this sounds like something that you may be interested in, please
drop us a line.

In service to all,
Lady Ginevra  de'Rossi (spycrat)
Baroness Beatrice Brandon (equestriancrat)

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