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Re: Help (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> >     I'm a new mwmber to the Merry Rose and I need some help.  I have
> > been trying to find a book about Celtic Mythology.  My problem is that
> > all of the books that I've found so far read like a very boring textbook
> > and assume that you have a basic foundation of knowledge about the
> > characters in the stories.  Often two or three names are given for a
> > character because that's how he/she is refered to in other stories.
> > This becomes very confusing when you don't any idea who these people
> > are.  I would really, really, really, really appreaciate it if someone
> > could direct me to a book that tells the stories of Celtic Mythology
> > like the Greek mythology books we all read in high school.  I need
> > something that will give me a base knowledge before it tells me about
> > all of the different names and relations these characters have.

I would suggest Bulfinch's Mythology. I think the old workhorse
has something on Gaelic legends, and it certainly does on
Welsh-my first introduction to the Mabinogion comes from it.

In Service,

Dom Pedro de Alcazar
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Craig Levin
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