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Pennsic Perf Arts Exhibition- Vocal Music

Poster: "Scott Vaughan (Efenwealt Wystle)" <wystle@ipass.net>

If you reply to this message, reply DIRECTLY TO ME via
mailto:wystle@ipass.net , not the whole bloody list. Please share this
announcement with the net impaired via your local meetings, newsletters,
bardic circles, etc. Cross posting on other kingdom lists might also be
a good thing.

Attention all singers of the Knowne World! (or at least the ones who
plan to be at Pennsic 27)

As part of the new Pennsic Performing Arts Exhibition I'm coordinating a
day for vocalists. Soloists, duets, small choirs, madrigal groups,
troubadors, minnesingers, jongleurs, trouveres, gleemen, and singers of
all kinds and skill levels are invited to participate. The purpose of
this is to demonstrate the variety of vocal talent that exists in the
SCA, so the more the merrier. It will take place Monday, Aug 10 from
12-5pm at the new Performing Arts Center.

Please prepare a selection to perform, or 2 short pieces under 6 or 7
minutes. If there is extra time we can cycle back through the list of
acts and do encores or additional pieces. Also, please prepare a brief
(verbal) explanation of the piece. Written documentation is NOT
neccessary. There are no judges, no prizes, no losers nor winners. There
IS lots of applause, and lots of free exposure! Its also a great chance
to network with other singers and show off your stuff.

To pre-register, contact ME, Lord Efenwealt Wystle:

Scott Vaughan
120 Byrum St. #7
Cary, NC 27511
919-319-1910 before 10pm EST

Include the name of your act/group, contact info (email preferred), the
name of your song, a brief description of the song (composer, time
period, is it original?, etc), and any special needs you might have.
I'll also accept registrations at the war. Since it is first come first
served, pre-registation is strongly encouraged. I'll be arriving at
Pennsic on Thrs. Aug 6. Find me at "Between the Worlds" (merchant booth
number not yet assigned). A music stand and drinking water (w/ lemons)
will be provided. Bring anything else you may need.

In service,
Lord Efenwealt Wystle
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