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[Fwd: Rennaissance Festival Opportunity]

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Jonathan Blackbow wrote:
> >June 1, 1998
> >
> >RE: Rennaissance Festival Opportunity
> >
> >Unto all who read this missive does Lord Jonathan Blackbow render cordial
> >greetings!  This is primarily directed at the residents of Windmaster's
> >Hill, Sacred Stone, Nottinghill Coill, Black Diamond, and Hidden Mountain,
> >due to geographics.  However, any interested parties may feel free to
> >participate.
> >
> >
> >Some few years ago, the North Carolina Rennaissance Festival set up shop in
> >the Davidson area, and has been drawing several thousand visitors for seven
> >weekends in October and November of each year. The proprietor, Jeff Seagle,
> >and his assistant, Chris Campbell, requested the presence of the SCA last
> >year for the last weekend of the festival. It was not well documented, and
> >not terribly well attended, in my opinion. However, Jeff and Chris
> >pronounced themselves quite pleased with the turnout and the results.
> >
> >
> >Jeff and Chris would most definitely like the SCA to make an appearance for
> >at least one weekend this year, and perhaps two. A turnout of ten fighters
> >and twenty non-fighters willing to demonstrate, talk, hand out fliers, and
> >such would not displease them in the slightest. I should mention here that
> >the prize last year for the best fighter was a $175 sword from Starfire
> >Armory. They are looking at doing the same thing (or something similar)
> >again this year. On a brief side note, I have contemplated the idea of
> >asking them to donate a set of smaller prizes to be given out to the
> gentles
> >who best exemplify the concept of "helping" at the demo, rather than one
> >large prize for the "best" fighter. This would give some recognition and
> >reward to those who talk rather than just the ones that swing a stick.
> >
> >
> >This is not a situation where they want every available SCAdian to rush out
> >there; as a matter of fact, they would like to keep it controlled. To that
> >end, what I would like to request is that any interested gentles contact
> >myself or Alison. The specific date(s) should be announced sometime in
> July.
> >They will not, insofar as possible, conflict with any events. Be advised
> >that this demo is the first step in nailing down a possible permanent SCA
> >enclave at the RennFest site in the Cornelius - Huntersville - Davidson
> area
> >(see below), and although it is not a likelihood at this point, possibly
> >nailing down use of the RF site for a major event or war. It is not likely
> >at this point due to insurance questions and such, but it cannot be ruled
> >out.
> >
> >Alison and I will be meeting with Jeff and Chris at the site in July to go
> >over various ideas and options, and we would like to get any suggestions or
> >feedback, as well as any questions, that anyone may have. Our contact
> >information is listed below, and we hope to hear from anyone with an
> >interest. Please feel free to make copies of this information and
> >distribute it as needed.
> >
> >In service to the Dream,
> >
> >Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
> >
> >Clan O’Shannonn
> >
> >blackbow@sprynet.com
> >
> >(704)382-1479 (work, 8-5, M-F)
> >
> >(704)629-1019 (home, NLT 10 PM)
> >
> >Alison Macleod
> >
> >MKA Alison Rhodes
> >
> >arrow@hickory.net
> >
> >(704)838-1725 (home, NLT 10PM)
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