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Axillium et Concillium Rapier Announcement

Poster: lordkheldar@pop.mindspring.com

>Please pass this missive far and wide, to as many people are as interested.
>Thank you! 
>>	Axillium et Concillium 
>>	Rapier Marshalling, taught by Lord Kheldar the Fleet
>>	I hour class, I hour lab 
>>	Unto all and singular to whom this missive reaches, Lord Kheldar the
>>Fleet, Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal, sends heartfelt Greetings;
>>	My Friends,
>>	At the upcoming Axillium et Concillium in Guardians of the Sacred Stone,
I will be teaching a class in
>>Rapier Marshalling for all those who are currently enrolled in the Rapier
>>Marshallate Apprenticeship, or who wish to be. If you are not currently
>>enrolled in the Apprenticeship but wish to be, please bring a letter of
>>intent from someone who will stand as your Sponsoring Marshal, and we will
>>enroll you in the Apprenticeship at the class (please also bring your valid
>>SCA proof of membership and your mundane contact information), to a limit
>>of ten.  Those who attend please bring your apprenticeship forms, and this
>>class will be signed as one event toward your three needed to fulfill your
>>	The first hour will be conducted in the class room, and will cover such
>>topics as doing the paperwork of reports and authorizations, necessary
>>elements in a tourney, good marshallate judgement, recruiting new fencers,
>>armoring, blades and manufacturers, historicity, etc. 
>>	The second hour will be held outside, with hands-on marshalling. The
>>students will be presented with various situations, including some problem
>>scenarios. Topics covered will include blade inspection, armor inspection,
>>blowcalling, formality, and problem solving. 
>>	Students will not require any materials except those necessary to take
>>notes on. 
>>	The first hour of class will begin at 4:30pm; we may not fill the entire
>>second hour, depending on the size of the class. All are encouraged to
>>	I would like to thank Lord Rohern der Rhine, Autocrat Extrordinaire, as
well as the Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Lord Robert
>>Beddingfield for the opportunity to serve Atlantia and her duelists. 
>>In Service to the Dream, Her Royal Majesty the Queen, Her Highness the
>>	and Her Excellency the Baroness of Windmasters' Hill, I faithfully remain
>>Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar
>>Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal for Atlantia
>>Minister of the Lists, Canton of Elvegast
>>Journeyman Chiurgeon at Large
>>Cornet Herald at Large
>>mka Rev. William L. Ham III
>>2713 Broadwell Dr.
>>Raleigh, NC, 27606

Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar
Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal for Atlantia
Minister of the Lists, Canton of Elvegast
Journeyman Chiurgeon at Large
Cornet Herald at Large

mka Rev. William L. Ham III
2713 Broadwell Dr.
Raleigh, NC, 27606

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