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Re: am I still on??

Poster: Tanner Lovelace <lovelace@acm.org>

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Logan & Arielle wrote:

> No mail from the list for three days now and I am wondering if I am
> still on the list.

In general, when you haven't received mail for several days, you
have probably been unsubscribed.  I have in fact checked, and
the subscription lists do not show your e-mail address as being
subscribed to either the main list or the digest, so I can only
assume that you were automatically unsubscribed for some reason.
This can happen under several circumstances, the most common being
that there was some problem with your e-mail provider.  The 
way the majordomo software (the software that runs our mailing list)
is setup is that it will automatically unsubscribe addresses
if it perceives an error condition.  If your e-mailbox filled 
to capacity, it would automatically unsubscribe your e-mail
address in order to not further exasperate the situation.  If,
however, your provider had a problem with its domain name
resolution and the mailer couldn't deliver the message immediately,
it would make a note of it, and would then wait until the 20th
type of such error before unsubscribing your e-mail address
(while reseting the counter on a successful condition).
By doing this, the mailing list software helps to cut down
on erroneous e-mail conditions, but unfortunately that means
that sometimes people will be unsubscribed while their
e-mail isn't working and then when it starts working again, 
they won't realize that they are no long subscribed.  They
may not even realize that there was a problem with their e-mail
because they haven't checked it for a few days (or if we have
a day of heavy volume, a few hours).  This is not an ideal
situation, but I've been working with the e-mail administrators
of the system that hosts our list to try and refine the process.
So, for now, the solution is to just resubscribe when you
have been knocked off.  This is easily done by sending a
message to majordomo@atlantia.sca.org with no subject and
a body consisting of:

subscribe atlantia

Please note, that if you miss a discussion that you are
interested in, you can access the Merry Rose archives
at <http://merryrose.atlantia.sca.org/archive/>.  Currently,
the archives are running about a week behind the regular
list, but I hope to get rid of the delay as soon as I have
some time.
> Please respond privately.

I made the decision to respond to this publicly because
this is a problem that has affected more than just one
person recently.  By better knowing what is happening, I
hope to further smooth out the process.

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