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Re: Yiddish - medieval Ebonics? (No Way!)

Poster: boroghul@bellatlantic.net (Grey Randall)

Lyanna uge-ber:

>I must be nitpicky on the Ebonics quip though. :)
>Ebonics is essentially a ghetto language.  The question is "Is Ebonics a
>fledged language?"   Some school boards in California think so.
>Yiddish is also a ghetto language that was spoken by German and Eastern
>European Jews.
>It's an amalgam of mostly German, Slavic Languages and Hebrew. (there
>are smatterings of other languages too) It is written in Hebrew
>characters but
>it sounds like a very strange German dialect.  Some argue that Ebonics
>is a full fledged language.  Others
>say Ebonics at present is really a very strong English dialect.  So far,
>I haven't heard of any "Great Books" in
>Ebonics but we don't know what will eventually happen as it evolves.

PTUI! Ebonics

The problem with Ebonics is quite visble on the campus of any of the
"traditional" black universities.  You can have someone from New York and
another person from Los Angeles speaking Ebonics, but unable to understand
a word the other is saying.

My younger sisters currently speak Go-Goese (Washington, D.C. flavoured
Ebonics, spoken mostly by the Go-Go crowd as opposed to the Hip-Hop
crowd.....I tried not to pick the habit up, which earned me my nickname)
and my cousins from Detroit, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles all speak
their own version as well.  At family reunions, most of the relatives under
the age of 25 are almost speaking Greek to one another.  The spead of
Hip-Hop (The false religion) has made some words the same across the
country, but I don't see much of a language that only covers various forms
of bodily harm, substance abuse, or pick-up lines.


Lord Boroghul Khara/Grey Randall
"Non Plaudite, Modo Pecuniam Jacite"

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