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Re: a little history lesson

Poster: "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@lan2wan.com>

On Fri, 12 Jun 1998, Brenna wrote:

> Thought his name was Vlad Teppish (sp?) or some such thing.

Vlad Tepes, that's correct, or, Vlad III of Valahia.  His father was
properly known as Vlad Dracul, because of his association with the Sacred
Order of the Dragon.

> > Hold on a minute, are you trying to say Vampires didn't exist in the Middle
> > Ages?
> >
> > Next you will be trying to convince me Vlad Dracul didn't exist either.

Vampires were rumoured to exist, but they were usually viewed as rotting,
animated corpses.  

In Service,
Istvan Dragosani
A contempory of Vlad III of Valahia, who most likely would have slain a
vampire on sight

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