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Re: *AE* Re: *WH* Shire of Cathanar Rapier Workshop

Poster: lordkheldar@pop.mindspring.com

My Good Friends,

	Having experienced the hospitality of the Noble Raven's Cove, I can
honestly say that they, along with their brethren in Seareach and Cathanar,
are 3 of the most havin'-it-together groups who are upwardly mobile. If
they continue in their current vein, I fully expect them to be a force to
be reckoned with in the future. 
	As Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal, and a Free Scholar, I doff my hat to
these noble duelists, their Shires and Stronghold, and their efforts! VIVATS!

In Service, 

At 04:13 PM 6/15/98 -0400, many waters cannot quench love wrote:
>Poster: many waters cannot quench love <lisa@technomancer.com>
>hi folks...  just a quick note on the rapier workshop this weekend: IT
>cathanar and ravens' cove added three new rapier fighters to their
>already-impressive (and apparently rapidly-growing) fighting force in the
>morning, and in the early afternoon they had three rapier classes, and,
>for the less martially-inclined, a calligraphy class. :) 
>the tourney was an eleven-person round-robin, which was great fun and
>enough fighting to satisfy even the most energetic among us...  and the
>prize format - each fighter brings a prize, and then prizes are chosen at
>the end by order of ranking - was great because every participant went
>home with something nifty.  (i'll have to remember that for the next time
>i run a tourney!) 
>the feast was both ample and delicious (especially the home-made rye
>bread!), altho it was cut short by thunder and lightning; we got
>everything rapidly packed up under the threat of impending rain, which of
>course made the rain go impend somewhere else.  father murphy must have
>been most amused.  of course, it's better than getting soaked... 
>vivats to the people of cathanar and raven's cove, for such a fun and
>friendly event!  and the best part is, if you missed it this year, i think
>they're planning to do it again next year... :)
>						melys
>lisa lorenzin  |  lisa@technomancer.com  |  http://www.1000plus.com/lisa/
>of what avail is an open eye if the heart is blind? - solomon ibn gavirol
Lord Kheldar the Fleet, Free Scholar
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