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Re: Pennsic site closing..

Poster: Acresouth@aol.com

In a message dated 6/15/98 7:36:11 PM EST, SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net writes:

<< Ummm!  No.  While the War itself had closing ceremonies on Sunday, the site
until VERY recently closed on Monday.  Most of us oldtimers still really miss
the Sunday night parties which were usually the best of the whole War as the
merchants and fighters and a majority of the "on duty" folk could relax and
everyone had LOTS of firewood, food and other refreshments to use up or throw
out!!! >>

I believe it was about 4 years ago at most that they changed the site closing
day from Monday to Sunday.  Most people were quite unhappy with the change but
it was a Cooper's directive.  From what I understand some folks were abusing
the privilege and staying on longer - well into the week - and the Coopers
wanted to be able to have the site ready again by the following weekend so
they instituted the "concrete" Sunday site closure.

I also remember with fondness the "burn everything, finish the alcohol"
parties on Sunday night (Ostgardr's being the most famous of these that I
know)  which were mostly garb optional as many folks just wanted to kick back
and relax and had packed most everything so as to get an early start on Monday
morning.  All the walls were down so most encampments were open to everyone -
sort of the way it is during land grab but with more folks and lots of
leftover firewood!  I miss that comraderie at the end of the war!

I think that this year will be harder than most as there are two major war
points, the mountain pass and the second field battle scheduled for Saturday
so partying/packing time will be at a premium.  For those that have large
amounts of common encampment breakdown the weekend becomes a frenzy of packing
- sigh!  

Adriana di Salaparuta
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