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Re: Question of Propriety

Poster: Michael Ruttle <mruttle@xperts.com>

>Poster: Gina <rhiannon-of-berra@mindspring.com>
>I have a question that I am curious as to the answer.... 
>How exactly does one join a household... is there some type of formal
>ceremony?  Are people usually asked or invited to join, or is the
>impetus upon the folks interested in joining to talk to the folks they
>want to join?
>I'm curious as to what the "norm" is for stuff like this. :)

In addition to what the others have said.  It is always a good idea to be 
active for at least a year before you think about "officially" becoming a 
member of a house.  Visit different areas and hang with different 
group...to make sure the grass isn't greener on the other side.

You might find yourself back where you started or realize that your 
initial choice was just a bunch of big jerks (well...not it Atlantia but 
you get my meaning).

Shop now, buy later.  It's hard to take it back.


Colin Gordon (*), "A" lefty from Caer Mear.  We come in six-packs

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