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Re: Of Kings and Queens...

Poster: "Greg Sackett" <gregsackett@radix.net>

> Poster: Jennifer Thies <jthies@polaris.umuc.edu>

> I would like to reiterate what Martin pointed out.  The Crown lists are
> the one method that is fair to the participants.  Even if the Marshalls
> have their favorites, the crowd usually can tell if a blow is good or
> not.  Of all of the ideas put forth, it is the one fair way.

True, but it is limiting as to who the participants are likely to 

> Another point concerns the raising of armies to war against each other.
> Even if it is done all in good fun, there are many complications that
> arise.

I have agree with this.  Unfortunately, I believe that wars would 
only increase the politics involved, as well as bitterness between 
rival groups.  Not to mention the possibility of the majority of the 
kingdom becoming mercenaries to whomever could "pay" the most.

> I foresee pursuing this as creating more problems than it could possibly
> solve.  I would rejoice in seeing an A&S king as much as the next
> person, but there is no fair way to do it.  Raising armies within the
> Kingdom divides us further, when we need to be uniting.  As much as we
> would all like to fix this 'problem', even this answer, with its merits,
> is not a completely fair method either.

Perhaps a simpler solution than wars is simply a crown tourney with 
multiple contests, i.e. heavy combat, rapier, archery, A&S, dance, 
and bardic.  Award points for the top 3 or whatever place in each 
category, and whomever has the most points at the end of the day is 
the victor.  This would allow for those whom excel in A&S and might 
be decent at a combat form to do well, as well as ensuring that the 
monarchs are well rounded individuals who are knowledgable about the 
main activities that occur in the kingdom.  I have been to similar 
events (not in this kingdom), and they were great fun, especially 
watching heavy fighters try to sing ;).  Admittedly, there is still 
the problem of judging some of the competitions, but the chances of 
someone rigging enough of the events to win would seem unlikely, and 
I would think the judging would be most careful with the eyes of all 
of Atlantia watching.

Just a thought, but it might be easier to get through the BoD, and 
kingdom than a revamp of the entire system.

Sound feasible?

In Service,

Gregor Dow M'Gregor
Shire of Highland Foorde
Greg Sackett
Health Physicist
Enercon Services, Inc.
(301) 972-5221
Texas A&M University, Class of '93, '95
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