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Crown Tourney and Royalty Selection

Poster: "Erika Robbins" <robbins@faculty.law.duke.edu>

Okay, I gotta get my two cents in.  

While it is true that no one who doesn't fight heavy can become a 
monarch, and this can be reasonably construed as unfair to people 
who don't fight, medieval methods were hardly fair either.  No, our 
system isn't particularly historical.  I agree with those who have 
said that it is about as fair as we're gonna get.  

I think that any method of choosing Crown that involves more than one 
person will become a popularity contest, and if people think the 
politics are bad now......As it stands, almost  anyone (including me, 
newbie fighter that I am) can decide to take up heavy, and if you 
want to bad enough and work hard enough, get good enough to fight in 
Crown with a reasonable chance of winning of winning one day.  Cuan, 
Anton, and Logan won't be around forever, they don't fight in every 
Crown, and even they can have a bad day.  

None of this is to say that I think the current system is perfect, 
and I'm not necessarily opposed to changing it (although I am opposed 
to anything other than some form of single competition).  I just 
don't see that the system is broken enough to need fixing.  

Eilis na Ballina

Go and catch a falling star....--John Donne

Erika Robbins
Duke University Law Library
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