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Re: Of Kings and Queens [Pros and Cons, fair questions not yet seen]

Poster: BollaertN@aol.com

In a message dated 98-06-18 22:37:33 EDT, you write:

<< In short, I know where are a lot of potential pitfalls with my
 proposal.  Just write the rules to take into account for the things that
 might be construed as unfair.  Make it fair through careful planning.

While all this sounds really cool, I think that practicality becomes a major
issue.  Let's say that you are able to develop a fair and equitable point
system, distributed over a number of battles/contests, at a number of events
spread equally around the Kingdom.  The question then becomes: Who has the
time for this?  First is overhead.  This new system would require a
considerable amount of overhead and a very large staff to manage:  Judges,
coordinators between claimants, coordinators at and between events, and
auditors to monitor the entire process.  This sounds like a lot of extra work.
Second would be for the claimants themselves, while undoubtedly all are very
active in their local group, the Kingdom, and Society in general, you are now
talking about a situation where there will be several events, most likely
within a three month period, some situated very far from their homes, that
they will have to attend to even make the attempt at being King.  I say three
months simply off the top of my head, but consider it will take a while at the
beginning of a new King's reign to orchestrate, and you will want at least a
short period of transition, where the winner serves as Crown Prince.
I think aside from all the political connotations, you may be simply trading
one small group of contenders for another, in this case people with an
inordinate amount of free time in their mundane lives.  And the scope and
complexity of the process may well deter some very qualified canditates...

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