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Re: Of Kings and Queens [Pros and Cons, fair questions not

Poster: "Nancy Dalton" <nancykd@ea.net>

On 19 Jun 98 at 7:10, einar wrote:
> Now, if a given
> mercenary performs exceptionally well, either distinguishing himself or
> herself on the field or in the arts and sciences, then certainly an award
> would be appropriate.  But to give them out just as an award for backing
> the right horse would prove to raise lots of eyebrows.

Ah, but how would you or anyone else watching the monarchs give the 
award know the difference?  The difficulty is that this situation can 
create the appearance of impropriety and that's all that's necessary 
for whispers to start.

Whatever method is used for choosing a monarch (single combat, war 
points, competitions, etc.) there will only be one winner.  If you're 
trying to increase the entrants, then decreasing, rather than 
increasing the requirements makes sense.  IMHO decisions by war 
points will increase the requirements and reduce the number of 
 To throw another bone to the dog pack, there's only one 
guaranteed non-biased/non-political way to choose a monarch: target 
archery, either the arrow hits the target and bullseye or it doesn't. 
Please note that I do not advocate changing the current system of 
combat to decide monarchs.  But, if there had to be a change, then I 
would be most in favor of the following proposal:
Each crown has one of the following tournaments:
Armored Combat, Fencing, Archery, A&S(yes, I agree it's tough to 
judge, but if the system's being forced to change, for some reason, 
this is always among the main ones that people want to add.)
These would be rotated on some basis, for example: 
Fall Crown - Fencing
Spring Crown - Armored Combat
Fall Crown - A&S
Spring Crown - Archery
and then start the cycle over.
But the above suggestion would still leave one group disenfranchised, 
the service sector.

Just my two pence,
Nancy Dalton
ska Earnwynn van Zwaluwenburg

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