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Re: This Ruling Affected...

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Sinclair wrote:
> Greetings once again.
>  Please ignore my earlier posting, as the websites listed contained
 sufficent information to tell something of what was going on.  I 
 admit, what I have seen is only one side of the argument, but from 
 the information as presented the BoD may well have made a poor
 decision.  I would like to  know more of what occured in detail.
> Baron Lachlan Sinclair Dumas, CP

Milord Baron Lachlan,

I would like to be able to tell you.

Over the last 6 months I have seen a large number of postings on a
private email list on this subject but I cannot repost those. But I 
assure you that the autocrats were taken by surprise and that full
disclosure was requested and was not forthcoming.

Apparently evidence can be given against someone and held in 
confidence by the BoD, or that is the information that I have read.
This is the primary reason why more isn't on that website. 

I wish there were more. It would require either full disclosure or 
the free and honest contributions of more folks involved.

Full disclosure should be a right in a free society, even in
this Society. How can you defend yourself from untruths elsewise?
At least that is what I've always believed and been taught.
I also believe that we should speak up when Anyone is wronged.

Master Ioseph (Joe Bethancourt) _was_ there but not in the private
BoD meeting. To say he was upset by this is an understatement.
Ioseph is a very honorable individual. He does not take up this fight
lightly. Some of us wrote to the BoD prior to the April meeting
supporting these folks and and requesting justice - a letter was sent 
to Pat Cuccurello asking him to request that we stop. We had expected 
a much more fair ruling ourselves. The letter appeared to imply that.

Pat is a double Peer (OL, OP), and Mark was a Laurel. The Royals of 
course were Peers as well. These were all people of Service to their
kingdom. To have any of them quit in disgust speaks volumes. Pat is
hoping things will change, but is not involved in the attempt other
than sharing the statements and the ruling against him. This is about
more than what happened to him. It could happen to others.

The ruling needs to be reversed, not only for justice to the 
individuals concerned but for the dangerous precedent it set.

Putting it bluntly: 

YOU can be punished as a minor officer for what a higher officer has
done, or decided you don't have authority over (and removed, or 
circumvented). They don't necessarily have to tell you of this 
apparently either. Keep your receipts, document everything.

Read the statements:


Pat and Mark had done all they could to be responsible and were
circumvented. They both had experience before as autocrats and in
working in the business world. It shouldn't have happened to them.

Frightening isn't it?

Sincerely, in service to all, 

Master Magnus Malleus, OL, Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia.
P.S. - I wonder just how many SCAdian publications Ioseph's protest 
      will affect and the availability of the same?
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