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Re: One Year Project - Deepest Regrets

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

Um, don't quite give up the ship yet, folks, Bridgette and I are
consulting to see if this can be handed off and salvaged.  Let's just
say for now that there is a momentary pause while we're sorting that
out, but don't call it cancelled yet...just ignore the A&S folks behind
the curtain....  ;)


> Poster: "M.  Stewart" <ms154@cornell.edu>
>         Greetings All  -
>         It is with deepest regret that I announce the failure of the One
> Year Project.
>         I must, at this time, cancel the project.   Please let your local
> A&S officer
>         know.   Forward this to them if you like.  I will try to send a
> copy to them
>         electronically,  and if time permits, by phone.
>         The fault for this failure  is entirely mine own.
>         I have moved out of Kingdom, and although I have tried every financial
>         and possible contortion of my new responsibilities in the modern world,
>         I cannot afford the time  nor the price of travel.
>         I  sincerely apologize for the disappointment that this may cause.
>         Please know that I have tried every path in an attempt to see this
> cause
>         through.   The shortcoming is my own, and I hope that my ambition
>         and inability to see this responsibility through can be forgiven.
>         One thing I have learned is this
>         That in a  year, more may  occur than anyone ever dreamed possible.
>         Pax,
>         Bridgette Kelly MacLean
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