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Choosing Royalty, etc.

Poster: bmiller <bmiller@mnsinc.com>

To all, greetings....

(I sure hope this got out where it was supposed to)

If anyone ever tries anything along the lines of some of these
discussions, why not try it first as a "non-official" title?  This could
have several advantages:

1) It would allow time to make any necessary changes in Corporea and/or
get permission from the BoD.

2) It would allow several run-throughs to work out the bugs in the
system before anyone is actually stuck with this as the system for
choosing Royals.

3) It would help prevent many bruised egos, because no one would
actually be displaced as a contender by a system that might turn out to
be long-term unworkable.

4) If for the most part it works, but the populace of (your group name
here) decides that they don't want to actually make an official change,
it could still be incorporated into a new Official non-Royal office.

What do I mean by this last?  Well, since much of the discussion has
touched upon period authenticity, why not establish an official
"Pretender to the Throne" position?  Whatever rights, responsibilities,
privileges, duties, whatever, could be worked out--but, what this could
do is still allow some sort of "almost-Royal" recognition for those who
simply aren't cut out to win a Crown Tourney but who might be otherwise
worthy of this kind of recognition.

Me, I think I'll stay a Chronicler; being a Royal is just too much work!

Yours in Service,

Arbogast of Diedenhofen

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