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Now for Something More Fun

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

There is an excellent new book out on the Viking reenactors in Europe.

Europa Militaria Special No. 6
by Britta Nurmann, Carl Shulze, and Torsten Verhulsdonk
Published by Windrow and Greene, 1997, 5 Gerrard St. London W1V 7LJ
ISBN 1 85915 058 6       List Price: US $19.95 or UK GBP 12.95
98 pages, probably 175 color photographs. Paperback.

Okay, what's in it?
Well, this appears to be a compilation of a lot of reenactors in many
groups over Europe. The only one I saw clearly identified was Regia
Anglorum. In the credits it says thanks to the others and "they know 
who they are." ;) Cheesy that.

These are first rate photographs with excellent detail, good scenery,
 and a large variety of differently armed and costumed reenactors.
 This is not one small group photographed repeatedly.

There are really good depictions of: 
 Costume and fiber arts, many styles, many seasons, many trades.
 Armor, helmets, mailmaking, shields, and weapons, also in variety.
 Archery, bows, arrows, and arrowheads in variety. 
 Larger and smaller sized warships and rowing boats.

Many crafts including:
 Beadmaking (1 picture showing oven and reenactor making beads).
 Coining (one of the few pictures wherein obviously modernly produced
          items are shown, turned die stocks and modern hammers). 
 Carving, tent frames (really nice) and spoons among other items.
 Some Furniture - mostly chests, a couple of tables, stools, and one
          bed, some tents - (some with obviously milled boards). 
 Many Tools - leather, blacksmithing, coining, hornwork etc.
 Leatherwork including shoes, bottles and pouches
 Woodworking tools and wooden items in variety.
 Weaving and tablet weaving, sewing and weaving implements.
 Carving runes into stone.
 Fishing nets being made and many other fishing items.
 Many daily life items including iron pieced cooking pots and camp fire
          items, jewellery (sadly no casting is depicted, my favorite).
          Quite a variety of pottery and feast gear.

Types depicted include Viking Hersir, Varangian Guard, Bowmen, Rus,
          Slaves, Merchants, Viking Women, Tradesmen, Normans. 
Where I got mine, and I like recommending these folks, they have lots
of neat stuff for our tastes:

Scholar's Bookshelf, 110 Melrich Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512 
 (609) 395-6933  With shipping it cost $24.45. 

I have about 80 Viking books and this is going to be a favorite 
  with many folks who use the library.

There are also books on the Romans and the English Civil War in the
  same series, numbers 2 and 4.
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It may be passed on to local or kingdom email lists or copied.

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