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re:anyone who went to Lillies War

Poster: DC <uboru@pop.erols.com>

I'm a nurse/chiurgeon who has had Rocky Mountain Spotted fever contracted
at an event. It is important for the populace to know that while there is a
blood test for RMSF, it takes a while to come back. If showing any of the
symptoms previously mentioned, esp headache and/or sudden onset of fever go
to a doctor immediately and tell him/her of the tick bite. Antibiotics are
given presumptively, that is, assuming that you have the disease. One could
be close to death if waiting for a blood test to come back before

PLEASE, once again, if you suspect the sudden onset of symptoms a week or
so after being bitten by a tick, get to a physician immediately. It is far
better to be safe than sorry.

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