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Fwd: Re: The Virtues of Women.

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Look for a good translation of "The Art of Courtly Love" by Andreas
Capellanus.  I have two copies, both translated by John Jay Parry, and put out
by Columbia UP.  His seems to be a pretty standard translation.  This 12th
century French work was used as the basis of Courtly Romance literature for
centuries, and has a lot to do with the romantic ideals of virtuous women and
men.  Of course, the best source I would reccomend is Chaucer's "Legend of
Good Women."  This book tells the stories of many women in history and legend
that supposedly led virtous lives (hence the name of the book--"Legend" was
used in teh 14th century mainly to denote the Lives of Saints).  These stories
were meant to extoll the virtues of the women they were about and serve as
literary examples of the epitome of good women.  I hope these sources help.

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