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Re: Anvilfire and Wareham Forge

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Magnus wrote:

>Wareham Forge Pewter Castings

I have seen Darrel's work and it is good.  I have a frying pan modeled 
after one found in Dublin (or York?) that he made.  He made a pot for a 
friend of mine modeled after one in the Mastermyr find.  He makes Viking 
style spiral hand held grills and rotating skillets also.

>A new Blacksmithing site with some very interesting newspages. ;)
>Check out the flaming SCAdian courtesy of Markland.

LOL!  The guy who built that *does* have long memories.  Evidently the 
SCA used them longer than Markland did, or the SCA started using them 
before Markland did, or something.  But Freon can helmets are definately 
connected to the SCA.

Camp Fenby is an annual extended weekend devoted to explorations of 
medieval technology.  This year, in addition to the forging, there was 
pit firing pottery, silversmithing, woodworking, felt making, brocaded 
tabletweaving, nalbinding, drop spinning and an experiment with riveting 
boards a la lap strake construction of Viking Ships.

It's sponsored by The Longship Company, Ltd., an affiliated group of 
Markland.  There's usually a feast of crabs on Saturday and we try to 
get the Gryfalcon, a replica of a Viking faering boat, out on the water.

Happens in June of every year.  Contact me if you're interested in more 

Terry L. Neill                          Anarra Karlsdottir
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