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Re: Pennsic Panic - the Game

Poster: Tom Rettie <tom@mail.his.com>

> Herveus tells me that I dropped four aces in the middle of this game and
> everyone else folded.   Pooh.  I really was looking forward to seeing
> how far along everybody was in their Pennsic preparations (since I have
> to curtail mine until nearly the last minute or else conscript my
> daughter).

> So?  Who has 14 dresses to sew?  Or a pavilion to waterproof?

Well, let's see:

1.  Test-pitch the new pavillion to make sure we've got everything.
2.  Finish the tent poles so they don't turn into pretzels when it rains.
3.  Finish building the field bed so we're not sleeping with the
4.  Finish the roof rack for the tent poles so we're not playing
pick-up-sticks on the PA turnpike.
5.  Build another bench, so TWO people can sit at the table at once.
6.  Throw together a couple more chests to cut down the number of plastic
tubs in camp.
7.  Make bolsters for the bed.
8.  Figure out how to get all the junk into just ONE pickup truck.

oh yeah, 

9.  Complete and submit my graduate project so I can actually get my
degree and spend my money on more interesting things.

Ought to keep us busy enough.


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